Thought Leadership

Board Minutes from the Chairman: November 2022

Mom’s heritage as a Brit always framed my upbringing, whether through her colloquial expressions, her careful fiscal oversight or her discussions of wartime London and the foundational imprint it cast on her life. As I return from an extended trip to London, I am not only reminded of my own...

Counting Capital Podcast, Episode 2: Investing with Tim Ballard

Join Robert Brunswick and his guest, Buchanan Street Partners President and CEO Tim Ballard, as they discuss their industry experience, an overview of investing in real estate, the benefits and risks of investing in commercial real estate, and Buchanan Street's investment philosophy.

Counting Capital Podcast, Episode 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Counting Capital podcast. I'm Robert Brunswick, Chairman of Buchanan Street Partners and your host. Buchanan Street Partners is a real estate investment management firm based in Newport Beach, California. The focus is on value investing and commercial, multifamily, and self-storage direct ownership, and in making real estate...

Board Minutes from the Chairman: August 2022

As a kid growing up, like many of my generation, I watched some of the classic sitcoms including Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver. Aside from the varied lessons learned from the Andersons and Cleavers, I carried forward a dream of buying my own home and while not...

Board Minutes from the Chairman: April 2022

Last month I joined several of my friends to circumnavigate the island of Hawaii on a bike. Our group has regularly created these adventure trips to check-in on one another, assure our ongoing fitness and enjoy a new challenge.

Board Minutes from the Chairman: October 2021

My partners and I recently enjoyed a getaway weekend with our wives to celebrate our company’s evolution and recent successes. During our time we reflected upon our continued mission at Buchanan and the clients we serve. Amongst several topics, we discussed the significant growth and expansion of our investor group...

Board Minutes from the Chairman: July 2021

Today’s real estate headlines continue to highlight the realities of inflationary pressures, potential tax law changes, the inclusion of single-family rental (SFR) housing as an asset class and the most discussed office market transformation.

Commercial Real Estate Outlook Post-Pandemic: Navigating the Re-Opening

The pandemic changed life for so many people, as employees shifted to a work from home model and schools or other businesses temporarily shut their doors. In the past few months as vaccines have rolled out across the country, businesses are reopening and the world is beginning to return to...

Board Minutes from the Chairman: April 2021

I have the good fortune to participate on a local community hospital board where aside from experiencing the heroic conduct within the medical community, I enjoy gaining further knowledge about the tremendous advancement and innovation within the healthcare space.

Board Minutes from the Chairman: January 2021

We celebrated Buchanan Street’s 20th anniversary in 2019 and with it the excitement of achieving a mark in time that would assuredly bring with it structural certainty and predictability to our next chapters. And then 2020 struck...
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